Hello, and welcome to another edition of Adventures in Abandonment! This set of pictures is from a place I discovered last spring. I’m not sure how long it had been empty, but judging from the state of the property and some items found there my guess is around ten years or so. Setting out to explore was like any other time. I was full of high hopes and anticipation, but I got more than I bargained for. I didn’t realize it until I got home later and reviewed my shots. It gave me quite a jolt, I’ll tell you that. I can’t say for sure that I captured a spirit, but I have a hard time denying there isn’t something really unusual in the last photo. All I can say is, check it out and draw your own conclusions.


Here we have a 70’s model Lincoln Continental. The body and interior was in fairly good shape. My grandmother used to have an old Ford LTD that was the same color.


Grass was growing up inside the door.


The Lincoln symbol. Note the red interior. This was a fine luxury car in its day.


The front of the house was choked in trees and vines.


The front steps were almost buried in dirt, leaves, and weeds.


A doorway leading to the semi-converted garage.


The front door actually led to the kitchen. This an odd setup usually seen in older homes. The bottom cabinets appeared newer than other things found here. Maybe the residents were trying to upgrade?


Vandals. This window was covered in black plastic so I assume it was broken before the house was abandoned.


Old light fixture with a bulb still in it.


The back door and presumably living area. Insulation had fallen through the ceiling in several areas. The floors appeared to be stripped, probably for new carpet or linoleum that never went in.


The only bathroom with newer blue tiles. More renovations that were never completed. There was no toilet which seems to be a common theme in the places I visit.


A better view of the tub.


There was an assortment of items in this bedroom. The cooler was filled with fishing gear. The box was full of board games, a few clothes, and some kitchen items. It looked to me like things that were packed to go to a new home but didn’t make it.


This scene made my heart ache. A pair of cardinals got trapped in the room and couldn’t escape. They died side by side on the window sill.


Here’s where it gets weird. I attempted to take pictures in the garage that was mid-conversion. There was no drywall so the studs were visible, and all but one of the windows were covered in plastic so room was almost pitch black. My camera and flash suddenly refused to work when I stepped into the room. I had a fresh battery in both but I couldn’t get either to fire. I stood in the doorway fiddling with the pilot on my flash when I started to get the strangest feeling; like I wasn’t alone. You know, that creepy crawly sensation? It’s pretty common with the occasional high tension of this hobby, but my companion was standing outside by the street waiting for me. She had refused to come in so I knew it wasn’t her.
I stepped backward out of the room so I could see better, then took a test shot towards the doorway. The camera and flash finally worked again and I captured the picture below. I decided to wrap it up right then and there as the willies kept getting stronger. I left the house, met my partner, and we went and got pizza. Later that night I was reviewing my pictures and came across the last one. Most of it was black except for the window and mirror so I cranked up the exposure to see if I could salvage the shot. I almost jumped out of my skin when I realized that there’s what looks like a little face in the doorway.
Before this house, I never really gave a second thought to spirits being real. I always thought they were just stories, fun things to talk about at Halloween and stuff.  After seeing this picture, though… Well, I’m not so sure anymore. I’ll just let you be the judge.