I started this blog to chronicle my journeys through Texas. I was born in at a hospital that no longer stands (more on that later). After moving around the United States I finally returned a couple years ago. Even as exciting as discovering new places was I always longed for the familiar small town I spent my entire childhood in.

My mother and I used to take trips down the country back roads around town almost every weekend. Out there, between the hayfields and rolling hills; I learned to drive, found the beauty of simplicity, and felt the first touches of freedom. Those early experiences still influence me today.

So what is it that I do exactly? Well, a lot of things! My favorite thing is to spend quality time with my husband and children. I homeschool the kids so I get to teach them about all kinds of interesting things. I’m incredibly privileged to watch them grow and blossom before my eyes.

I’m a seamstress by trade working with a family member on her fashion line. I’m also a photographer, writer, storyteller, hobbyist historian, rural explorer, and Motown enthusiast. That’s what this blog is all about and I’m sure all of them will come into play at some point!

Thanks for joining me here on Texas Unknown. I’m so glad you’re here!